Horticultural projects from A to Z

With our experience in developing and constructing all aspects of turn-key horticultural projects, we can support you and take the stress away from making your dream a reality. We can align all disciplines of greenhouse construction right from the outset so you have a holistic concept. Our highly experienced greenhouse project management team manages turnkey greenhouse projects of all sizes, all over the world.

Turn-key projects may include the following components:

Financing | Permit Applications | Design | Consultancy | Water Technology | Electrical Engineering | Climate Solutions | Assimilation Lighting | Concrete Works | Greenhouse Construction | Cultivation Support

Turn-key Greenhouse Projects
Greenhouse horticulture - Gakon Horticultural Projects - Turn-key Greenhouse Projects

Looking for a yield on your investment?

The eleven-step process to getting a yield with a turn-key horticultural project

  1. Feasibility Study
  2. Design
  3. Permit Application
  4. Financing
  5. Greenhouse Construction
  6. Climate Solutions
  7. Water Technology
  8. Electrical Engineering
  9. Assimilation Lighting
  10. Cultivation Support
  11. Service
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Everything under one roof

Gakon has all the in-house knowledge and skills to cover all aspects of a turn-key greenhouse horticulture project – from the feasibility study to cultivation support. Our own steel and aluminium production facility in the Netherlands sets us apart. We can therefore produce higher-quality greenhouses and provide more flexible tailored solutions. The construction forms the basis of your greenhouse. The quality needs to be exceptional if you want a high yield.

Steel and Aluminium Production

Garden centres in any design desired

Gakon is synonymous with the construction of garden centres. We have designed and built a variety of garden centres for a growing number of companies in the Netherlands and beyond. Gakon carries out the project entirely in line with your wishes and requirements. Whatever you have your heart set on, we will provide a solid construction, excellent light throughput, and extensive ventilation facilities. When it comes to size, there are a range of different options.

Your garden centre built to order
A Gakon garden centre can come in one of many shapes and sizes. Coated glass and coloured screens put your products in an attractive light. Additional space is provided through large spans with fewer columns. Parts can also be supplied in a colour of your choice. Gakon can fit out your garden centre the way you want, providing the most suitable heating installation and screen installation.

Have you seen our curtain wall profile yet? Perfect for garden centres!

Building a garden centre?
OWI Plant - Gakon Horticultural Projects - Turn-key Greenhouse Projects

Business spaces

Gakon can build a versatile range of business spaces

As well as a greenhouse, your organization needs a business space to function properly. Internal and external logistics are a core part of your business process. A business space often has lots of different purposes: from offices to canteen facilities for you and your employees. We have built a diverse range of business spaces, with experience in using various materials.

Building business spaces?

Special greenhouse construction projects

Special projects are those which are not directly related to greenhouse construction. This could include hospital corridors, glass constructions in residences, entrance halls, canopies, and smoking areas. The clients are in this case architects, designers, and private individuals.

Bringing years of experience to a new market
Thanks to our many years of experience in greenhouse construction, we can carry out highly specialist projects which are all about the aesthetics. We consult with the client to find a sustainable solution where product quality is paramount.

The options are almost endless. We build and install Venlo and wide-span canopies in practically any shape and size. There is a wide choice available of roof and facade coverings, such as coloured tempered glass. And of course projects are built to order, in accordance with the applicable building standards.

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Turn-key services