Water technology in horticulture

Gakon has all the knowledge and experience in the field of water technology. Whether it concerns irrigation, water storage, water transport or water treatment, at Gakon you will find all the knowledge and expertise for the design and application of these installations under one roof. The integration of various installations is very important. Our consultants coordinate all the different techniques at an early stage, so that your installation works perfectly.

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Your crop gets its nutrition from water, which is why the irrigation within your greenhouse must be optimally arranged. At Gakon we specialize in various irrigation methods, such as the drip system and the ebb and flood system.

A greenhouse drip irrigation system is a very efficient system to provide your plants with an even moisture supply. In addition, you can add the right amount of fertilizer to each drop, so that your crop receives the perfect nutrition. The drip system also provides an efficient way of handling water. No water is lost during the process. This saves 30 to 50% of water.

In the ebb and flow system, plants are regularly moistened. Water is pumped onto a container or concrete floor on which the cultivation is located and then the water is applied at the bottom. This causes the roots to grow downwards and all plants can absorb enough water. This can be done in large numbers, which is why this system is also known for its large capacity. This system can be applied on cultivation floors, on tables or in containers.

Water treatment

In order to grow a healthy crop, good water treatment is fundamental. Proper filtering and disinfection are essential here.

Filter systems:

*Sand filter
*SAF filter
*Metal filters

Reverse Osmosis

One way to filter and desalinate water is to use Reverse Osmosis (RO). The water flows under pressure parallel to the membrane surface, whereby part of the water penetrates through the membrane. Through the membrane, among other things, salts, organic substances and dissolved particles remain in the main stream. Bacteria and viruses are also stopped by RO.


Today, a modern horticultural company deals with many different types of water, namely rain, condensation, irrigation and drain water. To store this, Gakon offers various storage forms, including a silo and a basin. Water storage silos are used for the storage of clean water (rainwater, spring water), daily supply water, drainage water or as a sewage buffer silo. This is a round steel silo, with or without a coating and covered with PE foil and an anti-algae cover.

In addition to a silo, it is also possible to dig a basin. A basin is made of earth walls, with drainage under the basin to remove both groundwater and gases. The basin is provided with PE foil, with a long lifespan. To prevent algae growth, the basin can be covered with various types of cover foil. The embankments are covered with slope cover, so that the embankments remain intact and weeds have no chance.


To lower the temperature, you can optimally manage the humidity in a greenhouse with a fog system. In combination with good ventilation control, a fog system is an excellent control means for controlling the climate. You create a cooling effect by extracting the energy required for the evaporation of water from the greenhouse. A fog installation lasts a long time, because it is completely made of stainless steel.

Service and Maintenance

Gakon has its own service department. That is why Gakon offers besides realizing your project, also to support you after the realization. Think of malfunctions, maintenance work and other jobs that can occur. Click for more information and the possibilities on the button below.

Service & Maintenance