Screen Installations

Controlling the right temperature and the right amount of light that is allowed in your greenhouse is crucial for your cultivation. Thanks to a screen installation, you can influence the climate in the greenhouse as desired and at the same time save on your energy consumption. At Gakon we have a screen department, so we can perfectly coordinate with you which screen installation suits your project.

Screen installations - Gakon Horticultural Projects - Turn-key Greenhouse Projects

Horizontal screens

The most famous and common screen installations are the horizontal screens. A pull-push rod system or a pull-wire system is used, in which the fabric profile moves together with the fabric thanks to steel pipes. In the puller wire system, the fabric moves thanks to stainless steel wires.

Another form of a horizontal screen is the foil screen. A screen of plastic film is drawn horizontally in the greenhouse, with the aim of ensuring the humidity level in the greenhouse. This only applies to the first weeks of growing peppers and cucumbers.

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Roller screens

Depending on your specific situation, we will work with you to determine whether you need a roller screen and which system suits you best. For example, if you grow in a wide-span greenhouse, then a roof roller screen is the most ideal. A cover roller screen gives you extensive control options and allows you to use the screens on both sides. The roller facade screen installation is attached to the facade inside and can then be operated manually or by means of a control system.

In addition to a cover roller screen, Gakon also offers a twin roller facade screen installation. With this installation you can create different temperatures in the greenhouse. Your cultivation is divided into departments or compartments, to control the temperature separately. A twin roller wall screen installation consists of two parts of fabric with one motor.

Outer screens

With an outside screen, the climate in a greenhouse can be better controlled and you can ensure direct cooling in your greenhouse. An outside screen ensures less heat development in the greenhouse, so that there is less ventilation, better CO₂ management and more energy is saved. Better climate control ensures a higher yield from your cultivation. An outdoor screen is mainly used for crops such as roses or phalaenopsis.

Garden center screens

The production of garden centers has a special place at Gakon. We have developed and built various garden centers for an increasing number of companies in the Netherlands and abroad. Here too, screens are incorporated that exactly match the wishes of you as a customer. Deck roller screens, outer screens and fixed fabrics between the deck purlins are common systems in garden centers. The canvases can be ordered in different colors, possibly completely customized and matching the identity of the garden center.


We also offer insect nettings to keep insects, birds and other biological pests away from your crop. The insect netting is mounted in the air windows of the greenhouse with a harmonica system. This ensures that the mesh retains its shape and folds neatly when closing the vents. Due to the minimal construction, the light enters the greenhouse unhindered and there is no loss of light.

Ridge seals

To prevent horizontal temperature differences in large and tall greenhouses, our specialist often recommends to install a ridge screen. A ridge screen consists of triangular cloth strips which are mounted above the horizontal screen to block air flow. The bottom is provided with a flap strip that is cut at the atlas threads. This strip rests on the screen cloth and ensures optimal sealing.


Saving energy and keeping sunlight out is not just a matter of greenhouse horticulture. We were able to install various screen installations for different customers. Think of a tunnel screen, among other things.


The cloths, polyester threads and sealing strips are in need of renovation after years of use. Gakon is also specialized in various renovation activities. Our specialists will discuss with you which parts of the installation are due for replacement or which parts have been developed over the years. In this way we work with you to ensure that your screen installation is up-to-date.


We work together with various partners to realize our screen installations. For example, Ridder Lock takes care of the motors used in the installation. The system materials that go into the screen installation are from Van der Valk Systemen and the canvas is supplied by Ludvig Svensson, Ridder Climates or Phormium.