Grow lighting for horticulture

More and more horticultural companies are opting for grow light in their greenhouse facility. Growers want to maximize their yield and improve their quality all the time. Grow light enables them to obtain the maximum yield and/or to be able to produce all year round. After all, the light that enters the greenhouse in summer is many times higher than during the winter period. If you also want to obtain sufficient product and quality during the dark months, grow light is the solution.

In grow light, artificial light is used for plant growth. It is supplemental to natural light, allowing the plants to assimilate for a longer period of time. Especially during the winter period, grow light gives better quality for both vegetables, flowers and ornamentals.


Grow light stimulates photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is controlled by the amount of available grow light, growth is mainly driven by the light quality and optimal temperatures. When investing in grow light, you should not only pay attention to the amount of added grow light, but also the quality of the light and temperature influencing the crop.


With our tailor made grow light solutions we create the optimal balance between light intensity, temperature and humidity and thus crop growth, resulting in the highest possible yield per square meter. At Gakon we specialize in LED lighting, HPS lighting and hybrid light systems.

LED lighting

LED lighting offers many advantages, such as higher yields, earlier flowering, faster germination and better control of growing your plants. LED lighting also has a longer lifespan and lower energy consumption. This offers tremendous perspectives for greenhouse horticulture.

HPS lighting

In addition to LED lighting, Gakon can also supply HPS lighting. The big advantage of HPS fixtures is that they not only provide light, but also a certain amount of radiant heat. This promotes growth, bud and fruiting, depending on the type of crop,. As a result, HPS lighting also offers great opportunities in horticulture.


You can of course also use the advantages of both types with a hybrid system. We combine LED and HPS in one system. We are happy to advise you for the best solution possible. Your requirements and wishes are always our starting point. This is how Gakon can guarantee the best possible grow light solution for your specific situation.

At Gakon, we are always aware of the latest developments in technology and the latest types and fixtures, in order to offer the most up-to-date and economic lighting solution.