Electrical technology for greenhouse horticulture

A good electronic connection is necessary for all installations to function within your greenhouse. Within the greenhouse horticulture sector, every company nowadays uses a process computer and switch panels to manage and control all processes within the company. You can think of heating, cooling, ventilation, screening, lighting and humidification.

Gakon employs qualified specialists who design and realize the entire electrical installation. We have extensive experience in setting up complex electrical installations at various types of greenhouse horticulture companies on various continents. As a result, we no longer often face surprises. As an international greenhouse builder, we are familiar with international requirements that apply to the functioning of your installation.


We can integrate all essential processes within your company. Whether it concerns heating, cooling, ventilation, screening, lighting or humidification. Because electrical engineering forms the basis for an optimal combination of light, air and water in a greenhouse. During installation, Gakon ensures that everything is connected to process automation.

We carry out this installation ourselves. Gakon has its own water and electricity department that carries out all installations.


The correct exposure of your crop is crucial. The right amount of light will substantially increase your yield. At Gakon, we specialize in LED lighting and HPS lighting.

LED lighting offers many advantages, such as higher yields, earlier flowering, faster root growth / germination and better control of plant growth. LED lighting also has a longer lifespan and lower energy consumption. This offers unprecedented perspectives for greenhouse horticulture.

In addition to LED lighting, Gakon also supplies HPS lighting. The big advantage of HPS lamps is that they not only provide light, but also a certain amount of heat. This promotes growth, depending on the crop, bud and fruiting. As a result, HPS lighting also offers great opportunities in horticulture.

Of course, you can also take advantage of both types with a hybrid installation. We combine LED and HPS in one installation. We are happy to advise you on the best solution for you.


An important part during the cultivation of your crop is the air circulation in the greenhouse. With proper air circulation, the airflow in the greenhouse remains constant and quiet. Due to this air movement, the blade dries faster and it can also lose its moisture better. Temperature and humidity are also well distributed. This gives you and keeps a uniform greenhouse climate and your plant can grow optimally.

There are several options here. For example, you can opt for horizontal ventilation. This provides a better temperature distribution in the crop and there are fewer risks of crop condensation. In addition to horizontal ventilation, you can also opt for vertical ventilation. The advantage of this is that you can cool in the summer during the blackout period.

Climate computer

The right climate computer is required to centrally control processes such as temperature, humidity per department, watering and energy supply. This includes the following components:

  • CO2 monitor
  • E-Measuring box
  • Grow scale and Root Optimizer
  • Plant temperature camera
  • PAR sensor
  • Meteo mast
  • Precipitation sensor and Precipitation intensity sensor
  • Outside RV sensor
  • Radiation sensor

With a climate computer you can adjust all these processes to your wishes and then automate them. This way you create the perfect conditions in your greenhouse and keep an optimal overview of your climate. At Gakon we offer several climate computers that meet your needs.

Sulfur evaporators

Sulfur vaporizers are an important part of your greenhouse to protect your crop. A combination of a good spread and the right amount of sulfur (evaporators) is important here. Gakon supplies sulfur evaporators that are used to disperse sulfur in a crop. The goal is to protect the crop against fungi, such as mildew. A sulfur evaporator uses heating in combination with airflow to disperse the sulfur throughout the greenhouse.

Solar panels

For horticultural companies, Gakon offers the solution for generating usable energy from the power of the sun. Your investment pays off and your operating costs go down. In addition, your “carbon footprint” decreases because less fossil fuel is used, so you ensure a better planet. We place the solar panels in new construction projects, but also existing greenhouses. Click for more information and the possibilities on the button below.

Solar Panels

Service & maintenance

Gakon has its own service department. That is why Gakon offers besides realizing your project, also to support you after the realization. Think of malfunctions, maintenance work and other jobs that can occur. Click for more information and the possibilities on the button below.

Service & Maintenance