Electrical engineering in the Horticulture Sector

Gakon employs qualified specialists who design and implement the entire electrical engineering process. We have experience in designing complex electrical engineering installations for a wide range of greenhouse horticulture companies across many continents. So there will be no unpleasant surprises with us. As a global greenhouse builder, we are familiar with the requirements that local governments set on how your system functions. Safety is the most important requirement of our electrical installations.

Greenhouse installation

The right design and calculation will reduce your running costs and give you peace of mind that you have the right connection.

*Cable duct
*Screen & air
*Air circulation
*Sulphur evaporators
*Cyclic lighting
*Wall sockets

Technical areas

Good technology forms the basis for healthy cultivation.

*Boiler room
*Water plants
*Wall sockets


Proper assembly is a guarantee for sustainability.



Monitoring and controlling to maintain the right climate.

*Climate computer
*PLC technology