Heating installations

For optimal climate control
Heating is a crucial aspect of greenhouse horticulture. A good system will allow you to optimally control the climate in your greenhouse. Gakon offers systems that match your method of internal transport and enable you to meet your climate needs in the most efficient way possible.

Holistic approach

Just like no company is the same, no Gakon system is the same either. Each installation is tailored to your situation, your plants, and your wishes. Gakon recommends a combination of systems that integrate seamlessly with one another. Taking into account the way you work, your technical capabilities, and environmental regulations, we can come up with the right solution for you, even in terms of energy usage. Gakon is well versed in working with a diverse range of systems, such as CHP plants and systems for CO₂ dosing, heat storage, and residual heat integration.


As an entrepreneur, a smooth construction process without delay is hugely important. Gakon Heating is dedicated to coordinating its operations with the various disciplines involved in your project each time. We work closely with greenhouses builders and screen fitters, as well as authorities such as energy and water boards. Gakon knows how important it is to get a project completed within the deadline. Our solution is simple: work according to schedule, honour our commitments, and keep clients closely informed.

In the Netherlands and beyond

Gakon Heating works on new construction and renovation projects for manufacturing companies, trial operations, and garden centres in the Netherlands and across the world. For projects abroad, we take care to comply with the local legislation and regulations in force.