Assimilation lighting for horticulture

More and more greenhouse horticulture companies are opting for assimilation lighting in their company. Growers want to maximize their crop yield every year. Assimilation lighting enables the grower to produce throughout the year. The light that enters the greenhouse in the summer is 10 times higher than in the winter. If you want the same production in the dark months, then assimilation lighting is the solution.

With our customer-specific assimilation lighting solutions we create the optimal balance between light intensity, energy consumption and crop growth, with the highest possible return per m² as a result.

Your requirements and wishes are always our starting point. This is how we at Gakon can guarantee the best possible assimilation lighting solution for your unique situation.

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Assimilation lighting for horticulture


Our knowledge of assimilation lighting covers various applications:

  • Vegetables
  • Cut flowers
  • Potted plants
  • Cannabis
  • Urban agriculture / urban farming
  • Research / seed breeding / propagation.