Roof and Facade Systems

A dependable greenhouse roof system: the Excellent W series
The Excellent W series greenhouse roof system is named after the type of rubber profile integrated into the rod. The system is perfect for large windows and is specially designed for window widths of 1665 mm on a substrate, with a 5 m roof and a 4 m facade. This provides optimal light intensity.

Pressure distributed proportionally across the window
The pressure-equalizing layer on the surface of the rod controls the gap between the rod and the window. This keeps the pressure evenly distributed across the window, preventing windows from shattering during a storm. Even when using roof cleaning system, breaks no longer occur under normal circumstances, because the surface is completely is level.

Save costs
The Excellent W series greenhouse roof system is built as a single suitable unit that stops water from entering and has an exceptionally high insulation value. Thanks to the watertight roof, wind noise is also reduced in the greenhouse. When designing the roof, the idea was to maximize energy saving, optimize safety, and reduce maintenance and service requirements to virtually zero. Even in the long term. This reduces costs considerably.

On top of aluminium roof and facade profiles for glass, we also offer:

  • Sandwich systems
  • SDP facade
  • Ventilation systems
    • such as multiple window panes (from one to six panes)
    • one-way and two-way ventilation system
  • Insect mesh systems of different qualities
    • from the pocket system to the harmonica system

Excellent greenhouse horticulture systems

A complete aluminium roof and facade system
The Excellent greenhouse construction system is an aluminium roof and facade system developed by firms including Gakon. For many years, Excellent has featured various roof systems for Venlo greenhouses in its portfolio. Each system is constantly being put under the microscope, so we never stop perfecting it. Every greenhouse roof system – whatever the type – must always incorporate the latest developments in lighting, ventilation, and energy.

Roof systems for every greenhouse type
Every greenhouse is different. That’s why Excellent has a wide range of roof systems for Venlo greenhouses – giving prominence to lighting, ventilation, and energy. The aluminium system was developed and produced on our own site, in cooperation with other manufacturers.

Excellent takes the top spot in Dutch greenhouse horticulture
The Netherlands is a forerunner in the field of horticultural technology. Thanks to its systems, Excellent has contributed significantly to its leading position in Dutch greenhouse horticulture.

Curtain Wall aluminium gable system - Gakon Horticultural Projects - Turn-key Greenhouse Projects

Curtain Wall

Elegance in greenhouse construction
The Gakon curtain wall is a new development in the field of facades. The roots of its design lie in commercial construction, but it has now been adapted for the horticultural sector, where the curtain wall can be offered for a competitive price. The curtain wall is available in 24 mm and 16 mm. The aluminium and cover profiles can be supplied in any RAL colour.

W 3 roof - Gakon Horticultural Projects - Turn-key Greenhouse Projects


Rubber in the gutter, rod, and ridge
A warehouse protects plants from the damaging external influences, such as cold, heat, wind, and rain. To optimize this protection, Gakon together with its partners has fitted the greenhouse roof with rubber in the gutter and ridge, as well as the tried-and-tested W rubber in roof rod. This minimizes the risk of the glass breaking and reduces natural ventilation to a minimum. This roof system complies with the NEN3859 2012 standard.

Cabrio greenhouses

Your greenhouse as a cabriolet: XLR system

Thanks to the Cabrio open-top greenhouse, your plants get maximum exposure to the light. This makes the Cabrio greenhouse an highly suitable solution. Especially when growing young trees, outdoor plants, and bedding plants, the Cabrio system is an excellent option.

Two types of XLR cabriolet system
With the symmetrical XLR cabriolet system you can control both halves of the roof with hinges on the gutter and open them up to an 85° angle, thereby maximising the amount of light.

With an asymmetrical XLR cabriolet system you can ventilate the greenhouse even when it is raining. Both halves of the roof can be set in the corner at a 17° angle. This creates an overlap between both halves of the roof, preventing rain from entering the greenhouse. The roof halves are controlled according to the wind direction.

Cabrio greenhouses