Solar projects

Get more out of the sun: solar panels on your greenhouse
The sun will always continue to shine. That’s why Gakon has developed a roof-mounted system that allows a solar panel to be integrated. We can mount solar panels as part of new construction projects, and on your existing greenhouse too. Businesses and individuals are becoming increasingly aware of using the sun as an energy source. Developments are now so far advanced that the technology is available on a large scale for a broad target group. For horticultural companies, Gakon provides solutions to generate electricity by harnessing energy from the sun.

How do Gakon solar panels work?
Our system has PV cells built in between two layers of glass. We integrate the system in the glass roof, which still allows a large amount of light to enter the greenhouse. In practice, the areas above the work and storage spaces are used. By using modules, the individual glass modules with PV cells can be operated in parallel. A central receiving unit converts the incoming energy at the right voltage, so it can be delivered to the grid or be used on site.

Gakon has the solution to optimize the combination of energy and plants. We will draft the entire proposal for you, including revenue, expenditure, and a profitability calculation.

Solar Greenhouses