More and more people becoming aware of the sun as an energy source, because it will always shine. For companies in horticulture, Gakon offers the solution for generating usable energy from the power of the sun. Gakon has developed a roof system in which a solar panel can be integrated. Developments have now progressed so far that the technology is widely accessible to a wide target group. That is why the solar panels can be placed on both new construction projects and existing greenhouses.

Gakon has recently acquired laminated solar panels. These are extremely thin solar panels that consist of two layers of clear glass. With a thickness of approximately four millimeters, these can easily be placed in the Gakon Solar aluminum roof system. The advantages are great: it is easy to assemble, the service life is very long due to the two layers of glass that protect the solar cells and the energy yield is high.

How do Gakon solar panels work?

We offer you a system in which the PV cells are integrated between 2 layers of glass. We integrate the system into the glass roof, so that a considerable amount of light still enters the greenhouse. We also notice that the areas above the work and storage areas are often used. The individual glass parts are connected in parallel with PV cells by means of modules. A central receiving installation converts the received energy into the correct voltage, so that it can be supplied back to the grid or used again. Gakon has the solution to optimize the combination of energy and crop. We draw up the entire plan for you, including revenues, costs and profitability calculation.

Facade solar panels

Mounting PV solar panels in one or more facades offers green energy with more efficiency. The difference with this application is in the moment of return to the grid. Due to the vertical placement, the optimal energy production is later in the day than with regular solar panels. This means that there is less competition, so a higher price per kWh.

Floating solar panels

Solar panels on floats are placed in water basins. This offers various advantages such as a higher yield, because the panels work better when they are cooled. In addition, the otherwise useless water surface of a basin is used in this application for the production of sustainable energy.

Solar Carports

In addition to solar panels on or around the greenhouse, there are also other options for using solar energy. It is expected that parking lots will become sustainable power plants in the future. This is because solar panels are placed on roofs over the parking lot. This way the car is in the shade and energy is generated at the same time.

Sun meadows

Solar meadows make double use of precious agricultural land. A large-span steel framework provides space for many solar panels, while livestock can continue by grazing on the same plot of land.

Solar Greenhouses