Venlo greenhouse made to measure

Gakon is a major player in global greenhouse construction. Gakon builds each greenhouse to order – completely in line with your wishes and requirements. Whether it’s a small extension or an entirely new project with business space and associated installations. We build different greenhouse structures including the Venlo type, which is a type of greenhouse used worldwide. The Venlo greenhouse is renowned for its sturdy construction, outstanding light throughput and extensive ventilation options. In terms of size, the Venlo greenhouse offers many advantages. Its modular construction means it can be modified or expanded at any time.

Hoogstraaten greenhouse - Gakon Horticultural Projects - Turn-key Greenhouse Projects

A Gakon greenhouse fulfills all the requirements.

A Gakon greenhouse meets the latest technical, environmental, and energy requirements. Projects abroad are carried out in line with the local standards in force. A greenhouse design is a single concept and its construction on site is just as important. Gakon works with trusted and skilled building partners who are dedicated to constructing your greenhouse quickly and properly. Gakon has its own roof and facade system – the Excellent.

Greenhouse roof - Gakon Horticultural Projects - Turn-key Greenhouse Projects

Looking for a polytunnel?

Gakon always has the right solution for you

We strive to find the right solution for our customers. A polytunnel, as the name suggests, is a type of greenhouse covered with polythene, in contrast to the more common glass type greenhouse. One of the main reasons for choosing a polytunnel is the low cost, thanks to a lighter construction by using polythene instead of glass or aluminium profiles. However, polytunnels require more maintenance than glass greenhouses. Choosing the right type of polythene then depends on the customer’s requirements in terms of light, heat, and maintenance.

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