Special transport of steel and aluminium for project FRI-EL!

Gakon started in week 35 with the first shipments for the FRI-EL project. For 20 hectares of greenhouses, the required steel and aluminium will be transported to Ostellato (Italy). This is the first time that a majority of the trailers are not transported by road, but by rail.

Transporting by rail offers several advantages. For example, the maximum payload can be increased, so that more steel and aluminium can be transported. But the most important advantage is a lower CO2 emission. This way, the parts are transported in a more sustainable way, which is better for the environment.

The trailers go a long way. After the trailers have been loaded in Wateringen, they go to the RSC (Rail Service Center) in Rotterdam Waalhaven. Here the trailers are loaded onto the train and the train departs around midnight. The train follows the Betuweroute towards Germany and passes Cologne, Koblenz and goes towards Basel (Switzerland). In Basel, the Gotthard tunnel is taken to Chiasso and from there the journey continues via Milan to the final destination in Brescia. In Brescia the trailers are taken off the train again and then transported by road for another 3 hours to the project in Ostellato.

In times where global warming is an issue, Gakon tries to take responsibility. By working with this creative way of transporting, Gakon delivers its products on time and ensures that it contributes to a better world!