Simonato - Gakon Horticultural Projects

Simonato’s company is equipped with innovative, state-of-the-art and fully covered greenhouse from Gakon. Some of the production processes are automated and managed by centralized digital systems, even if our care and manual dedication are indispensable components in the production cycle.

Years of experience in the field of horticulture and for three generations, the Simonato family has dedicated itself with steadfastness and love for nature to the cultivation of high-quality organic aromatic plants. In 1997 they chose to convert all our production of seedlings into certified organic aromatics. Courageous choice, motivated by the needs of our customers for a healthy and natural product and our continuous commitment to creating an environmentally friendly agriculture with respect for natural processes.

A germination occurred and repotting the plants are applied to certain areas in the greenhouse tanks called because the irrigation system is the Eb / flow to the ground.
During the entire breeding period, the seedlings are housed in the vented greenhouses and illuminated by sunlight. During the various growth stages the pots are placed so that the seedlings have as much space as possible and all the necessary light.