Partner Highlighted: HSG Koppert

Intensive collaboration is the key to success. That is why Gakon has intensive and long-term partnerships with various partners in order to realize successful international horticultural projects. To bring these partnerships to light, Gakon is starting a new monthly blog: Partner Highlighted. In blog one: construction company HSG Koppert.

HSG Koppert is a construction company that is active in all European countries. They specialize in building and glazing greenhouses, but also in installing horizontal and vertical screening systems and heating systems for all types of flowers and vegetables. In addition, they also offer a repair service and renovations. HSG Koppert can therefore be seen as a turnkey builder. The vision of HSG Koppert is: “Building greenhouses around the world in order to contribute to the development of sustainable horticulture.”

HSG Koppert has a team of professional builders with many years of international experience. They use the latest and most modern machines, which means they can meet all customer requirements. Something Gakon has experienced in all those years.

The cooperation between Gakon and HSG Koppert came about after the current General Director, Andre Koppert, joined Gakon. His son Berry Koppert already had a construction company, after which the cooperation started. Over the years, this collaboration has become increasingly intensive. It is therefore no wonder that the collaboration has now been going on for more than 10 years. And it has been said from both parties that this will be maintained for years to come.

Berry Koppert, owner of HSG Koppert: “In the beginning it is getting used to each other, building up a relationship of trust. At one point this bond of trust was so strong that HSG Koppert is now building almost all projects for Gakon. An intensive collaboration that we are very pleased with at HSG Koppert.”

The cooperation between Gakon and HSG Koppert is in good shape for the future. HSG Koppert is expanding, among other things by using more machines. This ensures that the Gakon projects can be delivered even better and faster. A win-win situation for both organizations!