Minuteman High School is using Gakon greenhouses for a year now

On February 20, 2020, Gakon handed over the keys to Minuteman High School, for the opening of two greenhouses. These greenhouses were built to teach Minuteman High School students everything about growing in a greenhouse. A year later we went back to see how they have been working with it so far.

“For almost a year, the students enjoy working and learning in the greenhouse,” says Peter Kelleher. Peter is the teacher who teaches the students all the tricks of growing in the greenhouse. The greenhouses are built with all systems applicable to large-scale commercial greenhouses. For example, the greenhouses are equipped with fully integrated irrigation systems, by means of a dripper system, but also ebb and flood irrigation on mobile cultivation tables. In addition, the greenhouses have full LED lighting systems, fine mist systems and everything is monitored and controlled (also remotely) by Priva sensors and computers.

It is not surprising that Minuteman High School also wants to familiarize its students with horticultural sector. For example, the school located in the heart of Lexington, Massachusetts, just west of Boston, is an award-winning public high school. At Minuteman High School, the student completes his or her secondary school within four years.

At Gakon, we are proud on being able to make a very vital contribution to the development of horticultural talent in North America.

Who knows, maybe we will meet some of these students within the sector in a few years’ time!