RTLZ was a guest at Gakon for the program "How it's Done".

How it’s Done Afl. 7
The agricultural sector is central. What are the trends? How can you innovate? And what does the market need? Entrepreneurs working in this sector tell all the ins and outs of their company.
View full episode: https://www.rtl.nl/video/822becf0-28cc-328c-b8b3-53d4e0e1d951/

About the TV programme How it’s Done;
Half an hour inspired entrepreneurial stories about specific professions and sectors which are broadcast in a documentary style. In these stories, we take the viewer with us through various developments, novelties and opportunities that arise in these times.

How It’s Done chooses to bring both the well-known and different niche segments to the attention of the general public. The versatility, knowledge, experience - and the never-ending drive to want to do business successfully is the core of our message.

The programme travels the country to see all kinds of companies in the Netherlands.
and to speak to the entrepreneurs behind these successful companies.

The episodes are broadcast thematically. The television format basically consists of subsequent subjects within a sector. We take the viewer along within a specific theme which can be seen throughout the entire broadcast in the storyline.

From May 2018 onwards, the format will be broadcast weekly on the Dutch business channel RTL-Z. Each broadcast has two repeats.