Gakon Horticultural Projects has signed a partnership agreement with Priva and Anima Trading. Priva is a global supplier of integrated total solutions for operating and managing any horticultural business. Anima Trading is a company that assists in the delivery of projects, installations and products for the horticultural sector.

“Entering into a partnership with Priva and Anima Trading is the obvious choice,” says Pieter van Berchum, Managing Director at Gakon. “We have been working together for many years and have officially confirmed the partnership with this agreement. All companies strive for the optimal result, with greater efficiency per square meter, less energy consumption and maximum reuse of water, so that our customers can do what they do best: grow! That is exactly what Gakon stands for with its mission: WE BUILD, YOU GROW! At Priva and Anima Trading they share this mission, which means that all companies with this partnership strengthen each other.”

“Thanks to the good cooperation between Gakon, Anima Trading and Priva, we can respond even better to the wishes of the customer,” says Jaco de Vries, General Manager at Priva. “We aim to translate these wishes into turnkey solutions by seamlessly connecting Priva’s automation solutions to the concepts that Gakon develops. The experience of Anima Trading as a Priva provider is essential in this. By doing so, we are creating the right synergy and providing a foundation for customers to step up to cloud technologies, including Priva Connected and Plantonomy, Priva’s technology for autonomous growing.’’

“For several years there has been a collaboration between Gakon and Anima Trading to implement automation with Priva products,” said John Broos, Managing Director at Anima Trading. “Nice to see that we can also formalize this partnership through this agreement. It is always good to have things clear to all parties involved, both for mutual coordination and for the customer.”

Gakon, Priva and Anima Trading have confidence in the future with this partnership. They will work together to make a difference within the food industry worldwide, by having their customers produce safe, sustainable and fresh food. On to a successful partnership!