Gakon Horticultural Projects signed a collaboration agreement with the NethWork Foundation. The collaboration will run for two years and aims to build a bridge between the food domain and the world around it, together with the other ‘contributors’. This is realized in a developed program called Eat This!

The involvement and contribution of the horticultural sector in facing this major social challenge is essential. A sustainable and efficient way of producing healthy food is central to this. To achieve this goal, NethWork develops activities and events in a developed program called Eat This! In addition, it connects companies and organizations on an international level, both within and outside the horticultural sector.

“We are very pleased with this partnership,” said Olaf Mos, Sales Director at Gakon. “This way, we increase our reach and contribute to the development of horticulture in general. The fact that we are going to do this together with a group of already known relations and partners makes this extra special.’’

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