Gakon proud sponsor VMHC-Cartouge Men 2!

In addition to being an international greenhouse construction company that develops, produces and builds greenhouse horticultural projects, Gakon also supports local initiatives. That is why Gakon has been a sponsor of VMHC-Cartouche Men 2 from Voorburg for a year now.

VMHC-Cartouche Men 2 is a true team of friends, many of whom have been playing hockey together since their childhood. This ensures that it is a very close group. The last three years, VMHC-Cartouche Men 2 played at the highest level, on which they did very well.

With the support of Gakon, VMHC-Cartouche Men 2 organized an annual team activity that was incredibly good for the team building. In addition, training suits were also purchased, with the Gakon logo visible on the back. VMHC-Cartouche Men 2 therefore carries Gakon wherever it comes.