Corporate social responsibility is a choice! Gakon has taken the next step as a company to bear even greater responsibility for our society. That is why 1088 solar panels have been placed on the roof of the factory, the office and the expedition. All this to do business more sustainably.

The construction of no less than 1088 solar panels went through two phases. During the first phase, the mounting systems were installed by our partner Van der Valk Solar Systems from Monster. The solar panels were installed in phase two. Quite a job, as no fewer than 1088 solar panels had to be installed. This installation was professionally carried out by Wattco NL from Maasdijk.

Due to the placement of the solar panels, Gakon now uses a sustainable energy source. In this way Gakon contributes to a better world. Renewable energy ensures that there is less emission of harmful substances. This improves air quality and counteracts global warming. A sustainable choice that really has an impact!

Gakon tries to realize this impact not only for itself, but also for the customer. For companies and investors in horticulture, Gakon offers the solution for generating usable energy from the power of the sun. A system has been developed for this in which a solar panel can be integrated into a greenhouse cover. This technique is widely accessible to a wide target group.