Gakon and Vilosa organize Christmas Drive Thru together

On Friday and Saturday Gakon Horticultural Projects and Vilosa organized a Christmas Drive Thru for their staff. The Christmas Drive Thru was expertly built by both companies on the Gakon site in Wateringen. Despite the COVID-19 measures, there could still be a Christmas event for the employees.

More than 130 cars were given hot chocolate upon arrival, before continuing on to the Winter Wonderland. Several stalls were on display in the Winter Wonderland, including an Austrian ski village. At various points in the Drive Thru, the employees of both companies are handed out parts of the Christmas package, without having to get out of the car. The family members of the employees were also allowed to enjoy the Winter Wonderland. An original way to present the Christmas package to the staff.

The collaboration between Gakon and Vilosa did not come out of the blue. For example, Vilosa has been a Gakon customer for almost 50 years. At that time, Gakon realized various projects for Vilosa, in which tomatoes, cucumbers and later Kalanchoe, Celosia and other flowering pot plants in all colors, shapes and sizes are grown.